What Are POP Displays?

What Are POP Displays?


POP displays or Point of Purchase displays remind customers of last minute purchase possibilities in the check-out line. Effective My Pop Items displays are a great way to let customers know about your popular items, or additional value items, as well as pointing them to items with special pricing. We’ve all been up-sold at the cash register before, but have you ever noticed that you tend to be more susceptible at some store than at others? The reason probably rests on the POP displays and display signage. Great last minute merchandise at the register doesn’t hurt either. For instance, I would never put Dr.Pepper flavored lip gloss on my shopping list, but there is a display of it next to the register, I’ll probably buy some. This works well for those small items, but what about items that you want to showcase that can’t be placed next to the register?

Point of Purchase displays are especially effective to let customers know that fresh coffee can be added to a donut purchase for only 99ยข. Or that ordering a combo meal only adds $1.00 to the cost of a sandwich. How about reminding customers or products or services that are new to your business? Perhaps you have a special on brakes when tires are purchased? Or maybe you offer designer services when a customer orders cabinets or carpet. Some manufacturers will even subsidize signage for their products.

POP displays can be designed and manufactured to your specific needs for each location. Since each type of business has specialized location criteria, why not order Point of Purchase displays that effectively present your offers to the customers? Super tall ceilings? Wall-mount versus hanging? Metal or painted finishes? Each decision should be directed to the particular needs of your business.

Most POP displays consist of two separate elements – the hardware and the printed message insert. Once your hardware or frame has been manufactured and is set into place, then your printed message can be inserted. The signage can be changed as needed, and can be saved for reuse in most cases.

POP displays are one of the best ways to increase sales at the cash register. Making an effective marketing campaign for your pop displays can help sustain sales through seasonal changes, highlight products with larger profit margins, and dispose of stock merchandise that has had disappointing sales. Since this is an in-store sales technique, directed marketing can be especially rewarding for the bottom line.

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