Riot Participation

Riot Participation

The Bill of Rights clearly spells out Americans’ rights to peacefully assemble and protest, but it doesn’t give people the freedom to do whatever they want if it could potentially harm others. Some people abuse their First Amendment rights when they participate in    Riot Shield Manufacturer     riots expressing their opinions or beliefs, and they can end up in jail for it as a result.

Riots are a form of civil disorder that occur when people act aggressively or violently toward other people to express their grievances with the government or other groups. Because riots can turn destructive and endanger lives, participating in a riot is a criminal offense. Police who respond to riots are usually armed with riot shotguns and ballistic shields and have been known to use tear gas and CS gas to extinguish riot activity.

What Defines a Riot?

Riots can break out without warning and people can find themselves trapped in a virtual war zone if they escalate too quickly. The United States defines a riot as violent actions involving three or more people where there is a significant threat to the safety of others. There have even been riots during or after sporting events. Riots will typically target:

Religious buildings

State or nation-owned institutions

Shops or other places of business


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