Popular Festivals Around the Globe

Popular Festivals Around the Globe


Forget climatic conditions, the best time for a tourist to visit a country is when it is engulfed in the delirium of festivities! This is a time when they can enjoy themselves the most and this is the time when they can be one of the locals.

Festivals are an imperative part of a society. These social events allow people https://riberaxuquer.com/  to take some time of their daily lives and enjoy with their kindred. From a tourist point of view, festivals are all the more important as they provide them with information on a different society, a different culture and possibly a different religion.

A huge number of tourists plan their holiday travel in synch with the most popular festival of the place they intent to visit. Get familiar with some of the much loved and celebrated festivals across different cultures and countries.


Christmas is an enormously popular festival that is celebrated with the same intensity all across the globe. Thanks to globalisation and the invasion of Hollywood in every home, Christmas celebrations have transcended religious boundaries and turned into a global spectacle. American cities like New York, Las Vegas, Orlando, Los Angeles, Miami and Hawaii are hugely popular as Christmas holiday destinations among European and Asian vacationers. To sample the charm of this fantastic festival in a completely alien land, book flight tickets to destinations like Dubai, Bangkok or Goa.


Diwali or the Festival of Lights is literally the most glowing festivals of all! A predominantly Hindu festival, Diwali has tiptoed into the hearts of millions of non-Hindus as well who seem to have been charmed by the festival’s opulence and radiance. But India remains the place where Diwali sparks off festivities and revelries that just might overwhelm some abstemious souls. Plan holidays to India during October-November to know a festival that is simply fantastic and to know a culture that is the most colourful of them all. Being a peak holiday season in India, cheap flight tickets and affordable hotel rooms might not be easy to come by. Tourists are advised to plan well in advance.


The Holy Month of Ramadan is the most important period in terms religion for Muslims all over the world. Islamic followers are expected to follow certain doctrines during the month that includes but is not restricted to fasting from dawn till evening, abstaining from alcohol and smoking and refraining from sexual activities. Lavish feasts are organised to mark the end of the daily fast and include scrumptious dishes. Tourists can plan holidays to different Islamic destinations like Dubai, Egypt, Dubai and Abu Dhabi during Ramadan. But they are strictly suggested to adhere to certain guidelines while holidaying in Muslim countries during Ramadan.


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