Increasing Your Revenue Through Podcasting  

Increasing Your Revenue Through Podcasting


Are you an expert on a particular topic or in an industry? Perhaps you are an online auction success story. You may be a motivational speaker looking to reach an online audience. Perhaps you just wrote a book and need to promote it online. Podcasting can be a useful Stand Up Comedian  tool for driving traffic to purchase products, or you can sell the podcast itself as a product.

Using the online auction success story as an example, you could make a podcast a tool in selling an e-book or book, or you could sell the podcast itself. People who are looking to get into online auctions as a business can learn how to start their business using your book or podcast. You can also use podcasts as “tips” to softly sell your product.

Already have a weekly column or book out? Offer a member’s only area of your website. Give members who pay a premium price access to podcasts each week, month, etc. Are you able to interview people in a certain industry on a regular basis? You could go with the member’s only area idea and have users subscribe to your weekly interview podcast.

Using podcasts as a soft sell tool is a great way to gain credibility with potential customers. Interview customers who have used your product to increase their sales. If you did not develop your product, interview the developer of the product about how customers can use it in their business or home.


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