Desire For Union. Trust in God and Surrender to Love ~ David Hoffmeister ACIM

Question: Dear David,

I have prayed deeply for a Holy Relationship, a Sacred Union with my new partner and I am open to any help or wisdom you can offer.

David Hoffmeister: Beloved One,

Thanks for writing and for being open. Our deepest desire is for Union. I join you in a prayer of trust that all things are working together for good. I offer you and your friend and your function to the Holy Spirit that everything may serve the Highest Good.

David Hoffmeister ACIM Union

The subtleties of the ego are exposed simply in this way: The ego’s plan for salvation demands that something should be different than it is. The ego believes that happiness and peace a course in miracles can arise from changing the script. A Miracle is a change of mind that happily shows that the script cannot be changed. I join you in this holy prayer: Let all things be exactly as they are.

You are the Light of the world. Shine this Light wherever you may seem to be, for as you allow It to shine through you will experience the Joy of God that knows no emptiness. Inner Joy will attract many witnesses as you Awaken to Divine Love. As devotion is placed in experiencing the Joy within, the seeming outer world will reflect this Joy. The happy dream of nonjudgment precedes Awakening.

You are entitled to Great Joy! Stay focused on what you want to experience and observe that the chips of the world have fallen where they have fallen. Thank You God for Giving the Joy of creation without end. Thy Will Be Done, and all creation gives thanks.

I love you forever and ever


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