Benefits of Windows Cloud Servers And Hyper-V Hosting

Benefits of Windows Cloud Servers And Hyper-V Hosting


When choosing IT solutions, having capabilities that offer flexibility and control through technologies and applications known Windows Cloud  and trusted globally is critical. Microsoft’s global reach and impact stands second to none making the Hyper-V platform a great choice for any virtual IT infrastructure. Guest operating systems running in a Hyper-V environment with VSC drivers and services installed, boast performance benchmarks rivaling that of an OS running on physical hardware. Hyper-V has been designed to work seamlessly and efficiently with Windows applications and services as any other innovative Microsoft product.

Cost Savings

Cloud computing increases the reliability of IT infrastructure and expands technology management capabilities of a company through an off-site consulting expert. Increased resources, automated provisioning and maximized capabilities offer flexibility in controlling and distributing services and capital where the company needs it most. Increasing processing power, network bandwidth, and storage capacity is accomplished with ease. This flexibility means a company can upgrade or downgrade cloud power as the company grows or market demands shift, keeping IT costs to a minimum. There is no requirement for introducing and maintaining IT staff as needs change so the company saves on recruiting, training and payroll costs. Additional savings can be obtained by using windows cloud server hosting providers that can offer Hyper-V cloud server but also manage the servers for you.

Hyper-V Cloud Hosting is a Green Solution

Providing global access to business applications increases staff efficiency and lowers the environmental footprint of a business as travel and commuting requirements reduce. Industry analysts estimate enterprise IT accounts for up to 40% of a company’s energy consumption. Cutting back can generate a large decrease in a single organization’s carbon footprint. In 2006, the Department of Energy estimated that U.S. data centers accounted for approximately 1.5 percent of all U.S. electricity usage. Cloud computing allows higher utilization of CPU resources. Consolidating and sharing those resources helps curtail the negative effect of data center sprawl and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

High Availability Hosting

Information and accessibility are the keys to success in the global marketplace. The infrastructure that hosts critical information and communications must be housedin a stable and reliable environment. Hyper-V Cloud Hosting makes every component of the infrastructure fully redundant. In the rare event a server goes offline, services are not interrupted and in a completely transparent and instant process, failover occurs keeping businesses and employees at work. Cloud hosting gives organizations access to an outsourced flexible, scalable infrastructure at a lower cost than in-house. Energy requirements for companies and data centers are minimized, reducing their carbon footprint. High availability, fully redundant as per N+1, load balanced networking is available to small as well as enterprise accounts, making Hyper-V Cloud hosting the optimal infrastructure as a service solution.

ResellerChoice  offers rapid deployment customizable virtual instances within a highly available  cloud server instances very quickly as well as adjust the configurable options which makes this offer very elastic and tailored to your present needs. Your virtual instance will include your selected hardware configuration, bare operating system and full administrative privileges. Your virtual instance will include your selected hardware configuration, bare operating system and full administrative privileges
ResellerChoice Cloud Application Hosting offers the ability to rapidly deploy applications such as DotNetNuke, WordPress, Joomla, Dedicated SQL, Forex, etc.. Your virtual instance will include your selected hardware configuration, Optimized operating system for your application and an installed copy of your application selection customized to your specifications. Migration services for existing applications are available. Available add-on services for your cloud instance such as monitoring (basic host ping included), backups, management, etc…


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