Abiquo’s Cloud Management Software Promises To Revolutionize Cloud Hosting  

Abiquo’s Cloud Management Software Promises To Revolutionize Cloud Hosting  

The cloud hosting platform is growing at a tremendous rate, and is expected to reach valuation of $100.4 billion by the year 2016. This depicts a growth rate of 27%, five times more than that of any other hosting system used in the IT industry. Abiquo is an organization that is engaged in engineering enterprise-level cloud management solutions   Cloud Zimbra    for web hosting service providers. This firm has developed a new software that is set to transform the way people see cloud servers, since it offers them greater control as well as flexibility, along with the scalability that standard cloud servers offer.

Abiquo’s cloud hosting management system has been perfected after considerable research & development. It empowers hosting firms by providing them the ability to grant their clients with control mechanism pertaining to their cloud servers. Now, hosting firms that avail this solution can sell a set of computing, networking and data storage resources as a virtual enterprise to their clients. So, the end users can now regulate independent, personalized virtual web hosting computing infrastructure, without taking care of any capital or maintenance costs. Furthermore, all hosting providers can now cater to the clients’ requests within a few short seconds, rather than the weeks the whole process typically takes.

For long, firms have been looking for a product that renders them with a competitive edge over existing systems, and the Enterprise Edition of Abiquo’s cloud hosting management solution does that with perfection. It can offer complete support to all hypervisors and smoothly convert virtual images amongst themselves via only one drag-and-drop operation. There are several other features that separate this solution from other cloud platforms and consolidate its position as the leader of all web hosting solutions.

The companies using the Enterprise Edition of the abovementioned software can now provide the end users with technologies that allow them to automate the allotment of virtual infrastructures across variegated datacenters. Leading firms can now implement managed private cloud hosting systems to large organizations in the shortest span of time. And, they can do so while making use of the billing systems and infrastructures that are already in place. Moreover, companies that use Windows, Linux and Zimbra email servers can enjoy extended control over their web hosting platforms.

Also, the solution developed by Abiquo can provide the same cloud hosting features to organizations of all sizes. So, all small, medium and large sized firms can enjoy options like managing on-premises and globally-located infrastructures through the same user interface. Another noteworthy feature of this Enterprise Edition solution is that it sets the provision of infrastructure apart from the consumption of computing resources, thereby saving costs for the end users. By employing this software, the web hosting service providers can offer virtual enterprises to application groups. These enterprises can be controlled, within stipulated limits, by the users, ensuring that the physical infrastructure does not face any risks.


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