A Moose Lamp Puts the Fun in Functional

A Moose Lamp Puts the Fun in Functional

If your home has even a hint of the rustic or lodge style of decorating, then a moose lamp might be just right to complete the overall look. It will enhance the outdoor-inspired decor already in place. A moose lamp creates lots of visual interest and can be   Alceo    one of the focal points for that part of the room. It can also serve as a conversation starter when your guests comment on it, and many of them will.

Your home needs good sources of light anyway, so why not use lamps and light fixtures that match or complement the furnishings, accessories, and accents of your home? Whether it’s a table lamp or a floor lamp, this type of lamp will light up the room in more ways than one!

You might like this type of lamp for it’s unique charm or because it’s a good way to express your appreciation for wildlife. Either way, you’ll have plenty of different types to choose from. One type of moose lamp has a depiction of a moose on the shade, either by itself or in a scenic wilderness setting. Another type has a moose featured in a small sculpture or statue on the base of the lamp. And another type uses a moose antler for the base. There are also lamps with a moose painted on a ceramic base, or a lamp with a moose depicted in metal art.

The antlers used on lamps (and other items) can be the real thing or faux antlers, which look very real. You’ll probably be glad to know that the real antlers are usually harvested, which means they are picked up off the ground, after the animal has naturally shed them. This natural harvest is critter-friendly, because it puts neither man nor animal at risk.

There was a time when you might expect to find a moose lamp only in places such as a hunting lodge, a rustic guest lodge, or a dude ranch, but that is certainly not the case these days. As the casual styles of decorating have grown in popularity, this type of lamp is finding it’s way into more and more homes.

While a lamp with a moose design usually looks best when used with the western, rustic, lodge, or cabin styles of home decorating, there is no hard and fast rule that says a lamp like this can only be used with those decorating styles. In other words, if you like the lamp and the way it looks in your room, then go for it! After all, most of us have an assortment of furnishings and accessories in our homes that come from more than one particular style of decor.


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